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Trouble In Bed? ED Warning Signs & Solutions

Unfortunately, many a man has known the embarrassment of having issues in the bedroom. As many as half of all men under 40 may experience ED, but the stigma around the condition leads many to suffer in silence or not even recognize the symptoms. 

At El Paso Men’s Clinic, we’re trying to upend that stigma with support and quality care. In the spirit of helping men be more educated, we’ve created an ED crash course. In this short blog, we’ll discuss the signs, symptoms, and solutions to ED. 


Symptoms Related To ED

To better understand ED and if you are affected by it, you’ll first need to be aware of some of the symptoms related to ED. If you aren’t sure what to look for, it’s easy to miss the problem until it’s gotten out of hand. 

Delayed/Premature Ejaculation

Issues with ejaculation are one of the most common issues, another symptom that is less than ideal. Often, guys who have issues with erectile dysfunction have experienced ejaculation problems at some point. 

Pelvic Floor Issues

The pelvic floor represents the collection of muscles that support the pelvic area. Dysfunction or weakness in this area can have a ripple effect, making normal actions like using the restroom and intercourse more difficult. If you have pelvic floor issues, using a physical therapist to help alleviate those issues could help. 

Low Testosterone

Perhaps the most common issue that older men (and some younger men) face today is low levels of testosterone. Low testosterone can cause a wide range of issues, from troubles in bed to more serious health issues. 

Reduced Sex Drive 

Low sex drive can make having fun with partners even harder, if not impossible for some people. For men who have a combination of low sex drive and the above conditions, the very idea of sex can be demoralizing. 


Root Causes

So we know what is typically associated with erectile dysfunction, but what can we point to as causes? 

Well, old age is one cause that has been more or less been identified. Men that are above the age of 40 are more than likely to have ED than younger men. 



Stress is another big factor in erectile dysfunction. Excess stress can inhibit sex drive, which can have an effect on performance as well. 

Reducing stress and especially expectations can be a great way to take the pressure off and let intercourse be more free-flowing. Be sure to get a good amount of sleep and rest as well. 



According to a study produced by Harvard University, nearly 1 in 4 men dealing with ED have it because of the medications they take. 

Medications for high blood pressure, depression, antihistamines, antibiotics, chemotherapy medication, and more can have an adverse effect for men in that area. 

Our clinic may be able to help men on certain medications reduce their ED without having to stop their medication altogether. 


Medical Conditions

Certain medical conditions have an increased risk of ED. Diabetes and hypertension are two prime examples of these conditions, and unfortunately these conditions are on the rise globally. 

Medical and lifestyle interventions can lessen the effect of these diseases, which can in turn help with ED. However, as we discussed above, certain medications can have an adverse effect on erectile function. 

Be sure to ask your doctor about all potential side effects of a drug before taking it, so you can know what to expect beforehand. 


Recreational Drugs

If you regularly take recreational drugs, you may be causing your own erectile dysfunction. Drugs like alcohol, nicotine, and amphetamines have long been known to cause ED for some men. 

Marijuana, too, can have an adverse effect on erectile performance. As the drug becomes more popular, more men are beginning to notice that it may be hindering them in the bedroom. 

Other problematic drugs include:

Before taking any medication or signing up for a medical procedure, try pausing your recreational drug use for a few weeks to see if your condition improves.


Strategies For Treatment

Treatments for erectile dysfunction are as wide-ranging as the causes that are associated with it. Some simple solutions include: 

While these are relatively benign solutions, some men will also use medication and even surgery. At El Paso Men’s Clinic, we use hormone replacement therapy, platelet-rich plasma, and GAINSwave for a more holistic approach to the issues of ED. 


Let El Paso Men’s Clinic Help You Conquer ED! 

Interested in a holistic approach to erectile dysfunction care? Choose El Paso Men’s Clinic for comprehensive, compassionate men’s care!

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