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Facial Rejuvenation Specialist

Leo Altenberg, MD -  - Primary Care

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Leo Altenberg, MD

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If your double chin or loose skin has made you look older than you feel, facial rejuvenation using Evoke from InMode may help effectively boost your confidence. Leo Altenberg, MD, of El Paso Men’s Clinic, located in El Paso, Texas, offers noninvasive facial rejuvenation using radiofrequency energy to take years off your appearance. To schedule a consultation, call the office, or schedule an appointment online.

Facial Rejuvenation Q & A

What is facial rejuvenation?

Facial rejuvenation is a beauty treatment that helps improve the quality of your skin along your jawline and cheeks, ultimately improving your overall appearance. Facial rejuvenation can be done surgically or nonsurgically, and both methods provide significant benefits such as:

  • Skin tightening and firming
  • Adding volume and fullness
  • Reducing or removing fatty pockets
  • Reducing the appearance of wrinkles and lines
  • Improving facial profile

Surgical facial rejuvenation, such as face, brow, or eye lifts, may be associated with significant risks, pain, and prolonged recovery times. However, nonsurgical facial rejuvenation offers many similar benefits, with fewer risks and little or no downtime or discomfort.

What are the nonsurgical options for facial rejuvenation?

Nonsurgical options for facial rejuvenation include:

  • Botox
  • Facials
  • Vampire facials
  • Chemical peels
  • Dermal fillers
  • Microneedling
  • Radiofrequency treatments like Evoke from InMode

Dr. Altenberg and the team at El Paso Men’s Clinic proudly offer radiofrequency-based treatments with Evoke from InMode, and Vampire facials, as effective nonsurgical options for facial rejuvenation.

How does Evoke work?

During treatment with Evoke, Dr. Altenberg uses a specialized device to target wrinkles and skin laxity on your face, specifically around your cheeks and jawline. The device emits a therapeutic warming sensation as you sit or recline comfortably. The warmth that you feel is due to the radiofrequency energy that stimulates your skin’s production of structural collagen fibers.

You may notice a renewed tightness in your skin immediately after the procedure, with some redness that goes away quickly. With regular treatments, you can maintain an improved facial profile with no incisions, no pain, and no downtime.

Who is a good candidate for facial rejuvenation?

The best candidates for facial rejuvenation with Evoke from InMode are adult men and women who are generally physically, emotionally, and psychologically healthy. You are also a good candidate if you:

  • Don’t smoke
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Have a strong immune system
  • Don’t have chronic health issues
  • Have realistic goals about what to expect

Dr. Altenberg, or an El Paso Men’s Clinic provider, can determine whether you’re a good candidate for facial rejuvenation treatments.

For a consultation about facial rejuvenation using Evoke technology, call El Paso Men’s Clinic or request an appointment online today.